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Shiwara sail boat charter comfortable accommodations

Forget all you've ever been told about shipboard life. Sail boat Shiwara is an experience afloat like no other you're ever likely to encounter. Designed and built in France as a classic two-masted schooner. Spacious and stylish with splendidly-appointed staterooms that boast large double beds, each with its own en suite bathroom.
A dining area roomy enough to enjoy the cordon bleu meals you'll be served throughout. A saloon where you can stretch your legs. And nearly enough deck space to land a chopper! Designed specifically for charter, this sail boat encompasses all the excitement of ocean cruising with the comfort and elegance of a luxury charter yacht. This charter sail boat will take you on an incredible journey into the waters of the Caribbean.
Dine under the stars in the huge cockpit or below in the elegant saloon, where you can relax to music from the extensive collection of CDs, or watch a film on either of the 2 TVs with a selection from the movie library, or simply savor the intimacy of your own private sail boat. For additional fun in the sea-sun, the boat is equipped with a boogie board, knee board, windsurfer with an additional beginner's rig, snorkeling gear, 3 flotation mats, and 35mm underwater camera, or lounge on deck in a hammock.

There is a saying in the Caribbean that "whoever takes to the sea on a voyage of discovery will, first and foremost, discover themselves". Shiwara sail boat is designed, equipped, appointed and crewed to facilitate your personal voyage of discovery.
These luxurious accommodations on sail boat Shiwara are awaiting your indulgence. Come and join us and experience the most comfortable and luxurious sail boat in the Caribbean.


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