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Sailing Vacations in the Caribbean.

The magic of sailing vacations in the caribbean are about absolute relaxation, total privacy and seclusion,gourmet meals, personal service, watersports and no fixed itinerary.

Caribbean yacht charters and Vacations are very much like staying in an exclusive villa with professional full-time staff to look after you and make sure you have everything you want. The great advantage is that your yacht can move from anchorage to anchorage or another island every day. Its totally up to you to decide on the itinerary. If all you want to do is relax in a shady cockpit or hammock, sunbathe, read a book, swim and snorkel or chat with friends then by all means, or perhaps you want to go ashore and explore little villages, hill climb or shop in local markets.

Sailing vacations on yachts with professional crew are perfect for honeymoon vacations, weddings and anniversaries - any special occasion. Enjoy special yacht charters and vacations together in the comfort of a luxury charter yacht. Unpack once in your spacious cabin with private en suite facilities.

Caribbean yacht charters and sailing vacations are unplanned escape vacations. Get up when you feel like it, do what you want all day, and enjoy a cocktail with your evening on deck.

Why take crewed sailing vacations?

It is the greatest sailing vacation on Earth! There is no better way to enjoy the tropics than by island hopping from a private caribbean sailing yacht. You can travel to places that only boats can go. Imagine waking up on a private sailing yacht in a different secluded cove each day of your sailing vacations. Imagine deciding whether your day's activity should include a swim,  snorkel or scuba dive in aquarium like conditions, some other watersport such as kayaking or water-skiing, a beach stroll or cross island hike, a sail to another beautiful caribbean island or just relaxing on deck in a hammock. You're at ease because you have a crew who, in addition to being your personal tour guides, are looking after the boat, the food and the cleaning. You're on a floating resort where the scenery always changes, the food is prepared as you like it and you never run out of things to do.

When you arrive at your next caribbean island spot in paradise you may choose again from a host of water sports, or maybe a delicious dinner on deck followed by a quiet night of stargazing or relaxing to music, or maybe you want to go ashore to watch the sunset from atop a hill, have dinner in a small local restaurant and do the limbo at a beachfront bar.

No sailing experience is necessary for these trips. Your captain and crew will take care of all the responsibilities of the yacht.

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