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Sailing boat charters are much like staying at an exclusive villa where you're pampered by a staff that works tirelessly to make sure you have everything that you want. But unlike a hotel or villa where you're stuck in the same location for the entire week, your sailing boat moves to differrent locations daily, on your command, and you'll experience a new anchorage and perhaps a new island every day.

What will you do for a week in the Caribbean on board your sailing boat?

Just about anything you'd like to do. You'll be asked to fill out a form in advance of your trip that will let the crew know your favorite foods and beverages and your favorite things to do, too. While this will help the Captain to suggest a plan of action to you when you board your boat, it doesn't limit you to these activities alone. Just as you don't live in your hotel room ashore, you don't need to stay on board the boat all of the time either. Besides the activities included by your boat, which include swimming, snorkeling, beachcombing, sunning, sipping a cool drink in the shade of the boat cockpit, spending quality time with friends and family, reading a good book or listening to your favorite music and never having to wait in line.

After a hard day's play and a fabulous gourmet caribbean meal aboard your sailing boat you may be ready for a few after-dinner cordials and some quiet time together to reminisce or gaze at the stars, so many more of them visible than back home. Or if you're still craving action, you can go ashore and enjoy dancing to a driving Caribbean beat at one of many local establishments throughout the islands or perhaps live cabaret caribbean entertainment as found at The Last Resort. Most sailing boat charter clients choose to eat at least one dinner ashore during the course of the week to provide the chef with a night off and to sample some of the local cuisine (though it's not likely to rival the meals you'll be enjoying aboard your own Private sailing yacht Shiwara.)

With more than 36 islands and cays, a sailing boat can get you to beautiful white sandy beaches, excellent restaurants, nightlife and numerous water activities for your sailing boat vacations. Enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, daysails, powerboating, sailing, fishing and swimming in the spectacular waters of the Caribbean.

Visit any of the Caribbean's charming principal islands on your sailing boat to unwind and absorb the tranquil pleasures of sunshine and spectacular seas. From the scenic settings and tropical breezes to the local markets with fresh produce and handmade crafts, visitors, especially on sailing boats, will experience a friendly and diversified community.

One of the favorite destinations for sailing boats vacationers is the British Virgin Islands. Fair winds and temperatures make the BVI's a perfect year round destination for sailing boat charters. There are many islands within a short sail for a boat to explore each day.

In Tortola, the main island of the BVI's, you can shop the home-style stores at Road Town's Main Street and Soper's Hole Marina, West End for bargains in perfume, jewelery and wine. On Virgin Gorda, the main shopping is located at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, in The Valley and in North Sound at various resorts. Virgin Gorda, known for its yacht clubs and quiet cove houses, is an intriguing grouping of huge granite rocks framing grottos filled with sea water. Swimmers and snorkelers refresh themselves in the cool waters of hidden pools and secret passages.

Each destination you visit on your sailing boat charters is sure to tempt you with every sort of regional and international cuisine. Look for the Caribbean-style restaurants, former forts and sugar mills for pleasing menus featuring West Indian specialties of fresh lobster, conch, turtle, spicy goat, and curries of every description.
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