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Fine dining awaits you on shiwara's crewed yacht charters

While its normal to ask guests what they prefer to - and not to - eat, during their crewed charter we take that one step further by not finalizing menus until we meet the people who will be enjoying our food. That way we find out exactly what sort of delicacies people like to be pampered with and what they'd rather avoid. It takes a little extra time, but we think the results are worth the trouble. If there is one fault with our food, it's that - being Irish - we tend to be over-generous in our quantity calculations - but very few guests ever complain. Come an enjoy fine dining onboard shiwara during your crewed yacht charter vacation.
Assorted Cereals
Fresh Fruits
Choice of Omelets
Cooked Breakfast (ham, eggs, mushrooms etc.)
Chilled Juice
Freshly Brewed Tea or Coffee
Ham and Cheese platter served with a sweetcorn pasta
Ricotta and Spinach stuffed pasta shells
Warm quiche served with a dressed green salad
Thai style prawn fried rice
Penne pasta with a lemon cream sauce and side salad
Foccacia sandwiches of smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and capers
Homemade burgers filled with peppers and cheese served with homemade fries
Gruyere tarts with a tomato and green salad
Lunch served with fresh warm bread or rolls
Mushrooms gently fried in butter & garlic, brandy and cream, topped with stilton cheese
Cream of cauliflower soup with herbed croutons
Tomato and Ginger soup
Smoked salmon parcels (soft cheese, cream, onions and chives, wrapped in delicate smoked salmon and garnished with frisee and lemon wedges)
Garlic prawns served with a lemon mayonnaise
French onion soup with gruyere cheese
Crab cakes served with a tomato salsa and side salad
Mussels in fragrant Thai Broth
Roast lamb with a redcurrent sauce served with rosemary roast potatoes and buttered leeks and mushrooms
Beef stroganoff (strips of beef tenderloin cooked with onions, garlic and mushrooms, flamed in brandy and cream) served with rice and lightly steamed broccoli
Fillet steaks served with stilton sauce, sliced potatoes with vichy carrots
Breast of chicken with sage and parma ham served on garlic mashed potato with butter baked tomatoes
Pan fried salmon with limes and herb hollandaise sauce, served with new potatoes with parsley and mint and mange tout
Citrus fish kebabs served on vegetable rice with a yogurt, lemon and dill dip.
Roast pork fillet with pear and apple chutney with pumpkin mash in a herb gravy, served with buttered green beans
Individual soft centered chocolate cakes served with a sour cherry sauce
Brown ice cream stacks with hot fudge sauce
Pots-au-chocolate with rum
Banana sponge pudding with butterscotch sauce
White chocolate cheesecake served with raspberries and a raspberry sauce
Apple pie baked with cinnamon and raisins served with cream or vanilla custard

Caribbean baked bananas with orange, lime and rum

Just as we don't try to tell you how you should spend your time on your crewed charter, neither do we prescribe what you should drink. That's up to you, but we do provide a lot of choices - from iced tea and coffee, through tropical juices and freshly made punches, all the regular (and a few quite extraordinary!) cocktails, iced beers and fine wines to a wide selection of spirits and mixers. Served, more or less, whenever and wherever you feel like something.
Shiwara's crewed yacht charters offers the best in cuisine that the industry has to offer. You haven't lived until you've allowed yourself to be pampered aboard this private crewed yacht in the Caribbean. Chartering crewed yacht Shiwara in the Virgin Islands is simple and affordable and will provide the best vacation you'll ever had.


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